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Excel 2010 - Fit row height
This Guide helps you to fit the row height automatically, or one could specify the height manually, e.g. to fit the data size in the cells to the correct row height.

Downloads: 19
Excel 2010 - Create a PivotTable
This Guide helps you to create a new PivotTable from either existing cells or external data sources.

Downloads: 34
Excel 2010 - Insert a chart
This Guide helps you to insert a variety of charts into the Excel workbook. Some charts which can be chosen are: line chart, pie chart, bar chart, etc.

Downloads: 35
Excel 2010 - Merge cells
This Guide helps you to merge cells in the Excel workbook. Various merge options are available.

Downloads: 21
Excel 2010 - Calculate average
This guide helps you to calculate the average result of multiple values.

Downloads: 16
Excel 2010 - Insert AutoSum
This Guide helps you to insert an AutoSum into your Excel workbook. E.g. sum, average, count numbers, etc.

Downloads: 15
Excel 2010 - Clear formatting, content or comments
This Guide helps you to clear all formatting options of the selected cells.

Downloads: 9
Excel 2010 - Edit document properties
This Guide helps you to modify the workbook properties.

Downloads: 7
Excel 2010 - Show/hide all comments
This Guide helps you to show or hide all comments which have been made in the Excel workbook.

Downloads: 7
Excel 2010 - Insert formulas and functions
This Guide helps you to insert specific formulas and functions into the Excel workbook. Formulas can easily sum up or do further calculations with other cells.

Downloads: 6

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