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Le système de navigation pour Microsoft Office et autres logiciels vous guide directement vers la solution au sein de l’application.
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Windows 7 - Customize the Start menu
This Guide helps you to change the start menu via the properties. This controls for example, how entries are being displayed.

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Windows 7 - Extract ZIP files
This Guide helps you to extract a zip-compressed file. The target folder where the files will be extracted to, can be chosen freely.

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Windows 7 - Add folder as toolbar to the task bar
This Guide helps you to add a folder as a toolbar in the taskbar. This can be useful for folders that are being accessed very frequently.

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Windows 7 - Search program and files
This Guide helps you to use the Windows star t menu to search for a specific program or file.

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Windows 7 - Show preview of a file directly in Explorer
This Guide helps you to activate the preview pane in the Windows Explorer. This shows a preview of known text and picture formats, without the need to open the file.

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Windows 7 - Remove personal information from a file
This Guide helps you to remove personal information from a Powerpoint file.

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Windows 7 - Pin file to Start menu
This Guide helps you to pin a file to the start menu, this will make the file always accessible.

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Windows 7 - Add frequently used items to Favorites
This Guide helps you to add frequently used items like folders or drives as a favorite to the Windows Explorer, to make them more accessible.

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Windows 7 - Show/hide file details in Explorer
This Guide helps you to show or hide the file details panel in the Windows Explorer. This gives an overview for metadata like date or filesizes.

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Windows 7 - Compress files or folders
This Guide helps you to compress a file are a complete folder into a zip archive. This can either be useful to save disc space, or to make it easier to send multiple files to someone.

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