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PowerPoint 2010 - Insert picture of another open program
This Guide helps you to take a screenshot from any currently open application and insert it as a picture into Powerpoint.

Downloads: 12
PowerPoint 2010 - Remove password protection
This Guide helps you to remove the password from a Powerpoint document that is password protected.

Downloads: 37
PowerPoint 2010 - Show/hide ruler, gridlines and guides
This Guide helps you to display or hide assistances like rulers or gridlines.

Downloads: 17
PowerPoint 2010 - Set up a slide show
This Guide helps you to set up the current Powerpoint presentation. Here you can set the type of presentation, which slides should be used, or the used pen color.

Downloads: 13
PowerPoint 2010 - Add an action to a selected object
This Guide helps you to assign an action to an object in Powerpoint, whether it’s a jump to another slide or to play a sound.

Downloads: 10
PowerPoint 2010 - Change the slide layout
This Guide helps you to switch to a different slide layout in Powerpoint and to switch to a different design-template.

Downloads: 7
PowerPoint 2010 - Change proofing options
This Guide helps you to change the proofing options in Powerpoint, e.g. to ignore words in upper-case.

Downloads: 4
PowerPoint 2010 - Clear recorded narration
This Guide helps you to delete a recorded narration. Either for the current slide, or for all slides.

Downloads: 4
PowerPoint 2010 - Show/hide animation during slide show
This Guide helps you to change the settings of the presentation and show or hide animations during the slide show.

Downloads: 4
PowerPoint 2010 - Copy selection via the clipboard
This Guide helps you to copy text via the clipboard and insert it at a different location.

Downloads: 4

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