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Outlook 2013 - Show/hide favorite folders in navigation pane
This Guide helps you to modify the navigation pane in Outlook and add or remove the favorite folder for E-Mails from it.

Downloads: 90
Outlook 2013 - Edit a signature
This Guide helps you edit an already existing signature in Outlook.

Downloads: 126
Outlook 2013 - Add week numbers to calendar
This guide helps you to show the week numbers in the month view and in the Date Navigator.

Downloads: 20
Outlook 2013 - Add delegate
This Guide helps you to setup a delegate for your e-mail account in Outlook. Various options can be specified to further protect privacy settings, etc.

Downloads: 5
Outlook 2013 - Add/remove voting buttons to a message
This Guide helps you to add or remove voting buttons to a new message in Outlook.

Downloads: 47
Outlook 2013 - Add/remove category color to a message
This Guide helps you to add or remove a category color to a message in Outlook.

Downloads: 27
Outlook 2013 - Edit recurrent appointment
This Guide helps you to edit the entire series of a recurring appointment.

Downloads: 23
Outlook 2013 - Set up automatic replies
This Guide helps you to set up an automatic reply in Outlook when you go on vacation for example, or don’t have access to your messages for a longer period of time.

Downloads: 26
Outlook 2013 - Add reminder to a message
This Guide helps you to add a reminder for an E-Mail message, in order to link a notification to the mail.

Downloads: 18
Outlook 2013 - Save message as template
This Guide helps you to save a message in Outlook as a template for future messages.

Downloads: 15

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