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Excel 2013 - Remove password protection
This Guide helps you to remove the password protection of the Excel workbook.

Downloads: 8
Excel 2013 - Insert icon sets
This Guide helps you to insert icon sets into the Excel workbook. This may prove useful when one has a large amount of data and wants highlight this with graphical icons.

Downloads: 5
Excel 2013 - Arrange, align or group objects
This Guide helps you to further manipulate images in the Excel workbook. E.g. selecting the image and bringing it a layer forward or to group images together.

Downloads: 4
Excel 2013 - Show/hide comments
This Guide helps you to show or hide the comments made to the Excel workbook.

Downloads: 4
Excel 2013 - Insert AutoSum
This Guide helps you to insert an AutoSum into your Excel workbook. E.g. sum, average, count numbers, etc.

Downloads: 4
Excel 2013 - Clear conditional formatting rules
This Guide helps you to clear conditional formatting rules from specific cells in the Excel workbook.

Downloads: 3
Excel 2013 - Filling cells automatically using Flash Fill
This Guide helps you to fill the cells of your Excel workbook automatically by using the flash fill function.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2013 - Add or remove the fill color of a cell
This Guide helps you to add a new fill color to a cell in the Excel worksheet, the same process may be used to reset this to the default or to apply another color.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2013 - Display print preview
This Guide helps you to display the print preview of the Excel workbook. Final touches can be made here to prepare the spreadsheet for printing.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2013 - Merge cells
This Guide helps you to merge cells in the Excel workbook. Various merge options are available.

Downloads: 2

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