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Excel 2010 - Add entry to AutoCorrect list
This Guide helps you to add new entries to the AutoCorrect list, which can enhance spelling correction of commonly made typing errors.

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Excel 2010 - Accept or reject changes
This Guide helps you to track changes, which can then either be accepted or rejected.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2010 - Freeze/unfreeze panes
This Guide helps you to freeze or unfreeze panes in the Excel workbook. These panes will remain fixed when the document is being scrolled.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2010 - Unmerge cells
This Guide helps you to unmerge the cells which have previously been merged into one.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2010 - Protect document with password
This Guide helps you to protect the Excel workbook with a password.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2010 - Remove password protection
This Guide helps you to remove the password protection of the Excel workbook.

Downloads: 2
Excel 2010 - Insert picture of another open program
This Guide helps you to create and insert a screenshot of another open application into the Excel workbook.

Downloads: 1
Excel 2010 - Protect workbook
This Guide helps you to protect a workbook with specifying a password. During the protection process one can choose to only protect the workbook structure, the workbook windows or both.

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Excel 2010 - Remove mark as final
This Guide helps you to remove the protection of an Excel workbook by changing the mark as final option.

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Excel 2010 - Convert table into a normal range of cells
This Guide helps you to convert a certain section in the workbook, which has been formatted as a table, into a normal range of cells.

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