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In Detail

The navigation system for Microsoft Office & Co. guides you directly to the solution inside the application.

Search – Find – Solve: It’s that easy with YouGuideMe, the rather different software-help for Microsoft Office and many other applications. YouGuideMe is comparable to a software navigation system that guides you reliably from your question to the answer. This means YouGuideMe becomes your companion for day-to-day questions about Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013 as well as Microsoft Windows, Firefox and many other well-known software applications.

But how does this fast software-help actually work in detail?

Broadly speaking, YouGuideMe is a software program for Microsoft Windows operating systems. The program is installed locally on your PC or laptop, in order to be able to guide you from within the application. This means that help from YouGuideMe does not come via video, simulation or descriptive text, but rather directly within the “live application” – step by step to your desired objective. That’s why we compare YouGuideMe to a software navigation system.

To make this help available as easily as possible, there are two ways you can call up and use the Guides:

Use the Website


Simply write your question about Microsoft Office or other software applications in the prominent search field. For example: “Set up out automatic replies”


...then choose the relevant Guide from the hit list.


On the detail page of the selected Guide you will now find a description of the Guide, a graphical preview of the individual steps and two options to start the Guide.

Option 1:


As soon as you click on the link with the same name an executable (.exe) file will download. On selecting the file, the following now happens:

First, the file checks if YouGuideMe software is already installed. If not the YouGuideMe setup is downloaded and installed. This happens within the connected user’s home directory, so there is no need to invoke administrator rights.

We have built in this option to put the required help in your hands as quickly and simply as possible. After this process YouGuideMe is installed on your PC or laptop and can be accessed at any time via the orange symbol in the Windows system tray Suchen .

Option 2:


In this case you only download a single Guide (.zag file). This file is however only executable if the YouGuideMe software is already installed on your computer.

Via direct installation of the YouGuideMe player

Directly under the search field you can also choose to download and install the YouGuideMe software immediately.


You don’t need administrator right to install the program, which will take place in the home directory of the logged-on user.

After installation YouGuideMe is available at any time by simply clicking the orange symbol in the Windows system tray.

Please note:

The orange symbol is only displayed if your system tray settings are set up as follows:


However, after your first start the Guide will directly offer to set the appropriate option as shown above.

The context-sensitive help recognises your current application and immediately offers the relevant Guides.


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